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Ever Wonder...

               ... why infants are immediately attracted to pets, be they stuffed animals or live cats and dogs?  In her blog, PH.D. Lucinda Acredolo states, "...they are attracted to things that move, are brightly colored, and easy to see."  But stuffed animals? What about the neutral tones of a stuffed beige teddy bear? Unless it has a battery inside or an AI chip, I've never seen a stuffed animal move - at least as far back as I can remember, nor to date.

              Searching a little further, according to ethologist Konrad Lorenz in an archived article in numerous publications in the National Library of Medicine, he suggests that the features of a baby, such as large heads, round faces, and big eyes, are perceived as cute and consequently elicit caretaking and protection in other individuals. So, adopting that instinct the correlation is clear and extends to cute little animals such as cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, raccoons, flat-nosed teddy bears, and the list goes on. Perhaps, therefore, one could deduce that even as infants the inherent caregiving quality exists, be they toward real pets or make believe. Lorenz's theory goes on to state that this inherent desire for caretaking enhances offspring survival. Interesting.

             Assuming this theory and taking it a step further, what happens to this instinct when the baby grows up into adulthood. If only it held true for all people of all ages everywhere and all the time. So, what happens? Do some people simply "outgrow" this inborn trait? Or does their training or fear override it? Perhaps, something else?


           I accept the proof and logic for this intrinsic theory of infants and pets, although my concept differs somewhat. I haven't conducted studies nor have done research on it, but my own life's journey, encounters, and worldview have led me to conclude that there is more to it. 

          TO BE CONTINUED...



Proof of the above Lorenz theory:  How cute is this cat - round face, big eyes...

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