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Updated: Jan 16

"It was a cold winter’s night. Snow was silently falling outside, while inside I was cozy, curled up by the fireplace watching the flickering flames dance up the chimney. When suddenly there was a loud knock on the door..."

But that's another story. Inside where I was, it wasn’t cold at all. On this spring day in the desert it was hot. It was May and 106 degrees in the shade. The sweltering sun was outside; I was in, at my desk looking out, enjoying a slow breeze wafting through the open window. Coming from the blistering cold of long frosted winters, I welcome the heat. 110 degrees - no problem. Of course, if Yossi and Leah in their long fur coats cannot bear it, I resign myself to the a/c. But the fresh air and year round sun suit me just fine.

Cats Yossi & Leah on the Window Sill (to purchase image, click )

So, there I was at my desk writing a new screenplay. This one was going to make it - it was fresh, unique, unlike anything out there. One of these production companies is going to snap it up, I'm sure. I've had options on my scripts before, even hired by ABC to write for a pilot television show, but those were always asides from the careers I was actually engaged in at the time. But this time I'm devoting my primary energies toward it, determined to make it happen.

Staring out in space as I contemplated the next scene, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, nor anything. Who was it? What do they want? I tiptoed toward the door pretending not to be home. But the knocks continued, then turned into bangs. I stopped dead in my tracks as fear set in. The door had no peephole, so I just stood steadfast hoping whoever it was would simply go away. No such luck. The bangs turned into pounding. Then a deep, unfamiliar voice bellowed out, "I know you're in there!"

to be continued...

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