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Updated: Jun 20

So many kinds, and although all animals are to be treated kindly, on this website we concentrate on cats & dogs. Even if you're not a pet lover, you are certainly welcome and hopefully eventually they'll make you smile too. 

That's right. Pet lovers always smile when they think of their pets. Or when they are with their pets. Or, even if they see a picture of their pet. And that's what I do here. I create pictures with your pet(s) in them. Why? Because a smile makes you happy. A smile gives you a warm feeling. And, because a smile is contagious. Pets = Smiles.

In a logic class I took back then, I learned that if A = B, and B = C, then A = C.

So if A = Pets, and B = Smiles, and C = Good, then Pets = Good! Well, you might say, "that's all well and good for pets, but what about people?" Good question...

All people have some good in them, somewhere, even bad people. They simply have to be taught, or in pet parlance, trained. After all, who wants to walk around grumpy all the time? No one. So how are they trained?

Well, Pavlov had a good idea. They finally figure out how to get through the maze if there's a reward at the end.

Now being grumpy is no fun. Fact is, it's a rather unpleasant disposition with which to greet each day. Certainly no life for a dog, so why would a human want this kind of a life? After all, we humans all have choices. One can either continue being grumpy and bad, which is no life at all, or choose life and be good. So I ask you, which is a better choice?

Granted, not so easy. But then, what in life that truly has value is? One has to work on it, and that's where the training comes in. Back to Pavlov. So what's the reward, and how does one get there? 

The maze starts in the mind, one must decide or be shown there's a better way to live life. Better, meaning happier. And true happiness = good. Of course, no one goes around giddy all the time or they'd be locked up, heaven forbid! True happiness means that one is content with oneself, and with the core structure of being content it's much easier to take the hardships, the tests life throws at us. These constant tests are the maze we must muddle through, and if we find the right way out, we get the reward. The wrong way, and we're stuck in the maze forever.

Okay, but what's the reward? The reward is a happier life. And a happier life means one smiles more. Interestingly enough, even in a temporary grumpy mood, as we all know, if one forces oneself to smile, one's mood is automatically changed. The external, physical manifestation triggers an inner soothing.

So if Happiness = Good, and Good is C, and C = B, and B is Smiles, and B =A, and A is Pets, then Pets = Good! My suggestion: take a pet along with you through the maze, it will bring you Happiness. And Happiness is Good.

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