Blue Dice & Tangerine

            I photographically capture an angle, a mood, a setting, or the light of fleeting time and a place that intrinsically draws me in. Then using various additional mediums and art forms I recreate it. Whether I manipulate it by hand, digitally, or both, and combine it with painting or drawing using acrylics, inks and other mediums to create the final piece depends on the effect I want to achieve.

Blue Dice & Tangerine

  • On Acrylic


    Size Selection: 32h x 24w inches  or 40h x 30w inches


    For exceptional clarity and depth this image on high-end acrylic delivers a stunning, modern look. The artwork is face mounted using the best acrylic available with an anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant finish that ensures the brilliance of the colors. The piece comes with a floating mount on the back ready to hang. With its appealing stand-alone aesthetic no frame is necessary and comes signed and numbered.



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    © 2020 Marcia Friedman. 

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