The Corner Tree & Scenery




    My Art +Photo of Your Pet. Email me a photo of your cherished cat or dog and I'll make it part of my picture.  Of course, the pet in the image above will not appear. Depending on the photo you send, I will work it into the image in a size and place that suits it, which may not be the same place as shown in the image above. 


    (I will do other pets but no reptiles nor fish and reserve the right to refuse submissions for which your purchase will be refunded.)

    The Corner Tree & Scenery

    • The art you receive with your pet(s) in it will be mixed media on canvas. The canvas is gallery wrapped on the sides giving it a finished look, so no frame is necessary. It comes wired and ready to hang.

    • STEPS

      1.  Purchase the image you want.

      2. Email me the photo of your pet(s)

      (Chose between one or two pets per image. You can always purchase multiple images of the same image but with the maximum of two pets in the image at a time.)

          I will size the photo of your pet(s) to fit the picture.

          a)  Be sure to include in your email the name you used to purchase the art  in order for your photo to be matched with your purchase.

          b)  Email to: