Night in the City

I photographically capture an angle, a mood, a setting, or the light of fleeting time and place that intrinsically draws me in. I then artistically reinterpret it using various additional mediums and art forms. Whether I manipulate it by hand, digitally, or both, and combine it with painting or drawing using acrylics, gels, ink, and other mediums depends on the effect I want to achieve.

Night in the City

  • -Limited Edition of manipulated photography on high-quality, light weight and durable aluminum

    -Wall mount on the back ready to hang

    -Limited Edition.

  • The photo of the image shown in the accompanying photo in the room with the 3 images is in relative perspective to the furnishings and listed as the 32x24-inch size on metal offered above.


    It is also available in metal in the larger size of 40h x 30w inches not shown here.