Red Flowers in the Corner

I photographically capture an angle, a mood, a setting, or the light of fleeting time and place that intrinsically draws me in. I then artistically reinterpret it using various additional mediums and art forms. Whether I manipulate it by hand, digitally, or both, and combine it with painting or drawing using acrylics, gels, ink, and other mediums depends on the effect I want to achieve.

Red Flowers in the Corner

  • Art transcends time with its traditional appearance on canvas regardless of the subject matter or style. With the canvas extending around the side bars for a finished look, (gallery wrapped), no frame is necessary and arrives ready to hang. Limited Edition.

  • The size of the image placed in the accompanying photo of the room with the blue wall is scaled in perspective to the furnishings and listed as the 36x27x1.5 inch size offered above.


    The size of the image placed in the flush room with its companion piece is scaled to the furnishings and is listed as the 28x21x1.5 inch size above.


    This should give you a fairly good idea of how it will look in respect to your needs.