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Contemporary Art

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Shapes of Blue & Gold 6x4_.jpg
 Shades red yellow 6x4_.jpg
 Butterfly pop art - peach-USE 6x4 72.jp
200 red flower graffiti+6x4.5 72dpi+sig.
Yellow flower  graffiit+6x4.5 72dpi+sig.
Blue Flower graffiti+16x4.5x 72dpi sig.j
Orange flower graffiti+16x4.x sig.jpg
Chinese tree on hill  2.6x4USE_72.jpg
Island Flowers 3x4__5©.jpg
Night in the City 5x3.5©_.jpg
Glow of Night-USE_5x3.75 ©-a_.jpg
Tree Amid the City Lights 3.375x5.jpg

             My first artistic career was as a fashion designer that later evolved into photography, then painting that segued into a combination of both, which then became integrated into digital manipulation that I then combined with other techniques and elements to create my collection.

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