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Selected as One of the Ten Best New Books

     by Blockbuster Online

                "I loved it!"

                         Jennifer Russell, editor

"... In an eloquent way, Marcia Friedman has managed to bear witness to the Cuban panorama because she handles photography with an aesthetic sense and impeccable functionality, to which she adds a literary visibility."

                   Ena Curnow

                   Diario Las Américas

"... Rauschenberg's creations suffered from a disconnection from reality... Friedman's work raises the curtains that conceal what lies hidden in the everyday challenges faced by Cubans. In its pages, North American photography enthusiasts will find the answers to many questions raised by this tragic period within the last bastion of orthodox communism in the western hemisphere."

                        Alejandro Lorenzo

                          El Nuevo Herald.

About the Artist . . .

   ​      My Bachelor of Arts degree as a Russian major had little to do with art but served me in a way I had not expected. Post university as an international flight attendant afforded me the time to initially explore my creativity. Later upon settling in Los Angeles I ventured into various fields from establishing a unique agency in the entertainment field, to fashion design and writing. One step just led to the next and eventually my expressive inclination manifested itself in art. Initially it was photography that segued into painting. I then integrated the two and as new mediums continue to evolve so does my creative process. I refer to my blend of highly stylized mixed media as Casual Contemporary Art.

About Pets...

         Not just my pets, but all pets. My heartfelt concern extends to all animals. Pet lovers are deeply attached to their pets and enjoy being with them, miss them when they are not and seeing pictures of them makes them smile. But simply a portrait of one's pet did not have the depth I wanted. It became obvious to me that the solution was to put clients' pets in a piece of my contemporary art. Hence, "put your pet in the picture" evolved, specifically, "your pet in my art." And so, my new collection "Reigning Cats & Dogs," was born.


         As CMO of Atlantis I commissioned Marcia Friedman to create special art for the resort on a unique product she also created specifically for us. Not only was the work beautiful, but she was a pleasure to work with.

Howard Karawan,

Former President

Atlantis Resort

Paradise Island, Bahamas         

          Marcia's art that she made for the lobby of our law offices continues to get rave reviews. I highly recommend her for her artistic talents and her professionalism.

Joseph Gutierrez, Esq.

Maier, Gutierrez & Associates

Las Vegas, Nevada

           It was delightful working with Marcia on the special artwork she did when we refurbished our resort. We love her work and have been collecting it for years.

Orly Abrahami & Wayne Krygier Owners

The Spring Resort and Spa

Desert Hot Springs, California

Marcia Friedman Gallery