Rays of Light in Black & White

          I photographically capture an angle, a mood, a setting, or the light of fleeting time and a place that intrinsically draws me in. Then using various additional mediums and art forms I recreate it. Whether I manipulate it by hand, digitally, or both, and combine it with painting or drawing using acrylics, inks and other mediums to create the final piece depends on the effect I want to achieve.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Rays of Light in Black & White

  • On Metal


    This image is well suited to metal for a sensational, contemporary look as the monochromatic colors and touch of blue meld into the  surface. This special high-quality, lightweight aluminum is yet rigid and durable and comes with a floating wall mount on the back ready to hang. It is signed, numbered, and complete on its own with no need to frame.


    On Acrylic


    For exceptional clarity and depth this image on high-end acrylic delivers a stunning, modern look. The artwork is face mounted using the best acrylic available with an anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant finish that ensures the brilliance of the colors. The piece comes with a floating mount on the back ready to hang. With its appealing stand-alone aesthetic no frame is necessary and comes signed and numbered.



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© 2020 Marcia Friedman. 

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