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Often the problem is the solution. What? How's that?

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We learn about life as we travel through it, but how much of that knowledge do

we actually use to better our relationships, the world around us, and ourselves? Some

of it we integrate into our being, but often it is lost or forgotten particularly at those

instances when we need it most.

If only we knew exactly what life is, what it’s all about, what came before, and what

comes after. But we don’t. What we do know is what life has taught us so far be it from our

own experience, others’ experiences, and from our Creator. And because we know those

aspects of life that either enhance our life’s experience or impair it, it is to our benefit that

we implement what we know.

However, because one’s temperament, mood, or disposition at any particular time or

period of one’s life can be so pervasive that we merely act and react to the moment, sometimes

we forget or choose not to employ the known remedy. This can be caused by lack of self

control or by not integrating those good qualities as part of one’s being. But often these are

simply things we forget to remember, which is why now and again, we need a reminder.

To be continued . . .

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